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Sam Neill does lunacy like nobody else. No matter how obnoxiously stupid or dangerous the situation might be, Sam Neill’s presence always feels right. Dinosaurs have been set loose on an island populated by an old recluse, his grandchildren, Samuel L Jackson and Seinfeld’s Newman? Sam Neill will make this work. An undetectable Soviet submarine captained by James Bond and featuring Tim Curry as a crewman must surreptitiously combine forces with Alec Baldwin? Better give the Soviets Sam Neill too in order to increase believability. When the scary gets scarier or the outlandish gets more outlandish, that’s when Sam Neill rises to the occasion. I know it, you know it, and Vincent Sheehan knows it.

Fresh off his company’s record setting 18 Australian Film Institute nominations for Animal Kingdom, Vincent Sheehan has set to work on his new production. The Hunter, which began work today, is the story of a a mercenary hired by a shady European company and sent into the Tasmanian wilderness to hunt down the last Tasmanian tiger. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sam Neill has obviously signed on to partake in this malarkey, as has fellow master of the weird Willem Dafoe. Would you really be surprised if these two showed up at your door selling candy bars to aid in their Tasmanian tiger hunt? Who wouldn’t buy a few Snickers bars to help out that adventure?

No word yet on when this might play in the States or whether it can top 18 Australian Film Institute nods, but we’ll be sure to keep you abreast of any future tiger drama.

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