I love the Spider-Man movies more than most, but even I’m starting to wonder if the price for getting Sam Raimi back directing another one might be too high. We’ve already heard that his plans to finally revisit the Evil Dead franchise have fallen by the wayside, and now from MTV comes word that he’s dropping Jack Ryan as well.

For those out of the loop, Jack Ryan is the character from all of those Tom Clancy movies. In Hunt for Red October he was played by Alec Baldwin, in the 90s he was played in a series of movies like Clear and Present Danger by Harrison Ford, and in The Sum of All Fears he was Ben Affleck. Sam Raimi had been in talks with Paramount to revive the character with a whole series of new films, but now he says he won’t have time.

Raimi says, “I love Tom Clancy, and I hope they’d keep me in mind, but because I’m committed to ‘Spider-Man and making that picture, I think it’s going to knock me out of the running for the Jack Ryan picture." So that’s that. Odds are Paramount will be moving on without him. “I think [they’ll shoot] at the same time,” explained Sam as he shot webbing onto a nearby building and leaped off the rooftop.

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