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So Bruce Campbell didn't lie to us-- Sam Raimi really will be involved in the remake of The Evil Dead that's been rumored for years, and that Campbell confirmed when he joined Twitter and started answering fan questions. But with the Evil Dead remake news coming right at the same time that Raimi prepares his next huge film Oz: Great and Powerful, it might not surprise you that Raimi isn't going to be the guy holding the camera like he was when he first made The Evil Dead for a few thousand bucks in 1980.

According to Bloody Disgusting, up and comer Fede Alvarez will be taking the job instead, directing the film with Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures producing. Apparently casting is already taking place in the Detroit area, which means at least the film might stay true to its rural Michigan setting. Alvarez is known mostly for his 2009 short film Panic Attack!, which actually has some of the spooky atmospherics and handheld scares of the original Evil Dead, though unsurprisingly, much better special effects. Take a look at it below.

As much as I'm still shocked that they're even going to remake The Evil Dead, I don't really mind that Raimi won't be the one directing it. For one thing, he's already remake it as Evil Dead 2, and he's grown a lot as a filmmaker in the intervening years, to the point that revisiting his early career success would be kind of pointless and indulgent now. Yes he'd have much better effects, more money and maybe better script ideas, but so could any other director who might also bring something new to the table. Let Raimi move on with his career on his own terms and give a new director a crack at dredging up those demons in the woods.

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