After making his feature directing debut with the hitman comedy In Bruges, playwright Martin McDonagh worked his way into the hearts of movie fans everywhere, for giving Colin Farrell the kind of meaty role he deserved if for nothing else. Now, finally, he's putting together his next film, titled Seven Psychopaths and featuring pretty much every actor you've been dying to see spout off McDonagh's clever dialogue. According to Variety Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken are all joining Colin Farrell in the film, which McDonagh of course wrote and will direct.

The story sounds even more wackadoo than a few hitmen stuck in Belgium. Farrell plays a screenwriter working on a script with the same name as the film's title; for some reason he agrees to help his friends (Rockwell and Walken) kidnap a dog, and things get even more complicated when a gangster (Rourke) discovers his own beloved dog is missing. If you remember Rourke walking a lot of red carpets back during The Wrestler days with his beloved chihuahua Loki, you'll agree with me that this is perfect casting. Really, all of it is-- every single one of these actors has proven himself deft with language and comedy, and there's pretty much nothing I'd rather do than watch them all get in a pickle and shout at each other. Get In Bruges's Brendan Gleeson back too and we'll really be in good shape.

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