You've earned a reputation for being a real risk-taker when it comes to projects, whether its playing villains or doing something really heady like Duncan Jones'Moon, which turned out to be amazing. But I was wondering is there a movie of yours that felt deserved a better reception—either from critics or audiences—than it got?
That's funny I was just saying that my whole career is after life. You know, my whole career has been after life. All my movies have great—not all of them—but a lot of them have had great life. Moon actually did very well when it was out, better than I think a lot of people think. In fact, that's the joke is that people come up to me and they're like, "I love Moon; I wish more people had seen it." But a lot of people come up to me and say that, and a lot of smart people.

It's actually the number one movie that people approach me with. So it actually was seen by a lot of people, but maybe not immediately. It had an afterlife. The same thing happened with Galaxy Quest and even The Green Mile. We thought it was going to be Best Picture and all this stuff, and then came along a movie called American Beauty and knocked us out of the ball park.

That your co-star (Allison Janney) was in!
Yeah. (Playfully scowling) Yeah that's right! So, Seven Psychopaths is having an after life. Now people are seeing it. So, my whole career has been that way. I've had a couple of hit movies, like Charlie's Angels, and I think Iron Man 2 did pretty well you know like opening weekend. But that doesn't really mean too much to me because you know a lot o great movies (don't do well at the box office)—like Big Lebowski flopped. And now it's got this cult following. Safe Men has a kind of a cult following.

So for you it's more about how they kind of grow, their legacy?
Yeah, yeah exactly. I don't think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid got any awards. Like there's a lot of instances like that. Raging Bull flopped when it first came out, so…

That's interesting. You don't hear a lot of actors talking about the long view of these films.
Yeah, I think that’s the main thing. Assassination of Jesse James did not do great but now people consider it a great western, one of the great westerns. So, yeah.

The Way, Way Back opens July 5th.

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