It is kind of strange, but with the next Twilight film not out for another six months, True Blood in between seasons and Daybreakers failing at the box office, we are in the midst of a vampire reprieve. After months of waiting, we're experiencing a time where the fanged ones are not in control of every form of media. But like Tusken Raiders, they will soon be back and in greater numbers, particularly if the newest rumors out of Universal are true.

While things over at Universal have been rather quiet since Comcast took over the company, a source at Latino Review claims he has the inside scoop. Though production has been a total mess on The Wolfman, plans are going ahead to bring back other classic Universal monsters, the next being king vampire himself: Dracula. According to the report, the project, titled Dracula: Year Zero (good lord that is awful), will be directed by Alex Proyas and will star... drumroll please... Sam Worthington. For those keeping score, Worthington is now scheduled to star in every single movie in 2011 including Breaking Dawn where he will play Bella and Edward's superpowered vampire baby.

Reporting stories based on rumor and unnamed sources is always tricky, as every word of this story could be true or every word of this story could be false. The truth probably falls somewhere in between, with the project most likely being a go but the names existing on a wish list. Until further details are revealed, keep this one nice and safe in your memory bank, lay your weary head to rest, and we'll try and figure out the reality for you.

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