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Sam Worthington is now certifiably the biggest movie star in the world at the moment (so long as you count him, and not phosphorescent trees, as the actual star of Avatar). Does that mean we're now officially excited to see him play Perseus in Clash of the Titans? WB sure hopes so, because Worthington is front and center in all the images recently snagged by Collider. Some you've seen before, and none really tell you much beyond "this is a Clash of the Titans remake with better special effects," but Sam Worthington is a star now, so you must bow down.

Check out a few of them below, and see the rest (including a few older ones) at Collider. I don't really know what to say beyond the fact that Worthington looks good with a buzz cut, which we already knew from Terminator: Salvation and Avatar, and, uh, I wouldn't want to get near him with that sword. I'm sure there's more to this movie than sex appeal and brawn, but I'll be damned if I can think of what it is right now.

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