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Though he played a classic American grunt in the highest grossing movie of all time, it's kind of impossible to forget that Sam Worthington is Australian, given the immense difficulty he's had shedding that Aussie accent. And even though he's busy starring in even more big-budget American productions-- well, at least Wrath of the Titans, due next year-- he's making the time to make one for his homeland as well. According to Variety he'll be back in Australia to star in Drift, something the producers describe as having "the potential to be the first character-driven action movie set in the surfing world since Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break." Not that they're setting up high expectations or anything.

It's unclear exactly what the plot will be about beyond just involving surfing, though if they want to really ape Point Break and feature bank robbers who wear masks of ex-Presidents, I don't think anybody would actually complain. Though the movie is a distinctly homegrown Australian production, funded by Screen Australia and directed by Aussies Morgan O'Neill and Ben Nott, Worthington's remaining star power makes it likely we'll see it around here. It will be nice to see Worthington able to act with his natural accent, actually, since I have a theory his performances have been stilted by trying to sound American. If riding a surfboard and going back to Australia is what it takes for him to live up to his potential, I'm all for it.

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