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Sam Worthington has a whooooole lot riding on Terminator: Salvation. It'll be the first major movie role for the Australian actor, who will also show up in James Cameron's Avatar, and may make that movie a lot more money if he's already become a star. So you can't blame him for taking to the web to defend his next movie, which has been hampered by bad buzz even though no one really know anything about it.

He talked to Moviehole's Clint, who went on a long rant defending the movie before getting to what Worthington had to say. First, he wanted to clear up that Christian Bale calling the movie "alright" didn't mean the movie was going to be terrible. "Knowing Christian - I'm sure he would reserve his true judgement till the movie is complete. So I believe this comment shouldn't be given much weight."

Of course, Worthington hasn't seen the movie either, so he's going on the preview footage we've all seen and a faith in his director, McG. "From my own eyes and early screening of Terminator: Salvation, I can say that what I have seen and what McG is putting together is exciting and a thrilling ride." He's also prepared to be wrong, though. "If we fucked up , we fucked up, and we will find out May 22nd."

You've got to feel bad for the guy, forced to defend a movie he hasn't seen but clearly believes in. It's just their fault that there's not much else to look forward to at the moment, and without anything to get excited about yet, people feel free to go negative. We can probably expect some sort of new trailer sometime soon, so maybe that'll get the haters to take a rest, and give poor Sam Worthington a break.

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