With no less than nine projects in development on his IMDb page, Sam Worthington's stock is still selling high. In the last two years he has made three films that have grossed over $100 million domestically, one of which holds the record for highest gross of all-time. But while he's being thrown original projects left and right, there's still a great deal of interest in sequels to his most successful films, particularly Avatar and Clash of the Titans, and he's more than happy to share information about both of them.

At a round-table interview for his newest venture, a company called Full Clip Productions, Worthington opened up about future installments for his two most popular films.

First hitting on Clash of the Titans, Worthington says that he will return as Perseus when shooting begins at the start of next year. Acknowledging the biggest complaint about the film, Worthington also stressed the fact that they would be shooting the film in 3D this time instead of using post-conversion. The actor also says that he's been contributing to the creative process, working with writers to develop his character more and "have a lot more fucking fun than just being a young man who has to stand there and look pretty."

But while that film appears to becoming together rather quickly, the same can't necessarily be said for Avatar 2. According to Worthington, the film will happen "whenever [James Cameron] decides to write it," saying that the director is currently in Thailand or helping out with the situation in the gulf.

If you are in desperate need of a Worthington fix, the actor's next film, John Madden's The Debt, is due out later this year, though there's no official release date set.

(via Collider)

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