Next April, director Joe Wright will present Saoirse Ronan, best known for her roles in The Lovely Bones and Atonement, in a whole new light as a cold-hearted killer. But while that film will see her character trying to rid herself of her murderous ways, she will pick them right back up in Violet & Daisy.

Variety reports that Ronan and James Gandolfini have joined the cast of the film, written and directed by Oscar winner Geoffrey Fletcher. As previously reported back in April when Ronan was first rumored for the part, the actress will play one of two teenage assassins who sign on to do what they think is an easy job, but soon find it to be the exact opposite.

The film has been described as "Thelma and Louise meets Superbad and Pulp Fiction," which makes me think that there will be quite a bit of humor involved. Here's hoping that Gandolfini is the actor playing the girl's target. Who wouldn't want to watch Tony Soprano go mano-a-mano with two teenage girls? That's the definition of awesome.

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