Stephenie Meyer is incredibly famous and probably even more wealthy for her four novels in the Twilight series, but she's also got one more novel, a sci-fi story called The Host. It should come as no surprise to you that The Host will also be turned into a movie-- the billions and billions brought in by the Twilight movies made that a pretty obvious decision-- but you might be surprise to learn who will star. According to Deadline Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan will star in the film, with a script written by Gattaca's Andrew Niccol, who might also direct.

The setup is a little complicated, and will require Ronan to play two roles-- an alien "soul" who is part of an army that takes over Earth by inhabiting the bodies and minds of humans, and Melanie, the 20-year-old victim of such an invasion whose personality is so strong she is never fully taken over. The soul, Wanderer, is so struck by Melanie's memories and love for the people in her life that Wanderer, in Melanie's body, reconnects with all of these people, an example of a way for the invading souls and humans to live peacefully together. There are no werewolves or vampires involved this time, and from the looks of it no overheated love triangle; in other words this might be a Stephenie Meyer adaptation you'll actually like if you've refused to choose between Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The film's rights will be sold at Cannes next week, and Ronan's attachment has got to make it a more intriguing sell. Unlike the Twilight films, which cast a bunch of unknowns and started with the very low-budget first film, The Host looks like it will be a big deal from the very beginning, and Ronan's participation gives it a cachet that, sorry Kristen Stewart, the Twilight films have never had. After seeing her completely dominate Joe Wright's recent film Hanna, I believe all over again that Ronan can do pretty much anything-- even make me interested in a book by Stephenie Meyer.

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