Could we actually see the kids of Bayside High School on the big screen? I doubt it, but according to Pajiba, there’s some sort of Saved By The Bell film in the works. Don’t expect more than a cameo from Mark-Paul Gosselaar or any of his pals because this is going to be a film based on the much beloved 90s sitcom likely to feature a brand new cast.

Jon Shestack productions has obtained the necessary rights and recruited Jeremy Stein and Ginny Brewer to produce. At the moment, they’re searching for some writers.

Again, I remain skeptical, but if the news is true, we’re going to have a very divided fan base. Having woken up to the show every morning for about seven years, I can sympathize with those concerned a movie could tarnish one of their favorite pastimes. After Bewitched, I’ve lost most hope for sitcom to film adaptations, but there’s something about this that’s intriguing and make me want to see it happen.

Meanehilw I’m glad to hear they’ve done away with the reunion idea – I doubt Dustin Diamond could summon his Screech powers (no pun intended) – and, if they stick with the original characters, casting will surely be a thrill. I say Zac Efron as the troublemaker Zack Morris, Taylor Lautner as the super-jock A.C. Slater, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the ultimate nerd Screech Powers, Danielle Panabaker as the popular cheerleader Kelly Kapowski, Keke Palmer as label snob Lisa Turtle and Amanda Seyfried as the brainiac Jessie Spano. (You know you can see her singing “I’m so excited” amidst a caffeine pill meltdown.)

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