Call Pepsi and have them start mass producing unprecedented amounts of Mountain Dew Code Red because Sam Raimi's Warcraft is only a few steps away from hitting level 80 and heading into the hardest end game heroic dungeon of all... DEVELOPMENT! Scary right? Well, Raimi has just acquired a new set of epic level gloves (AKA a writer) for his upcoming video game adaptation in the form of Robert Rodat.

Rodat's resume gives him +42 to Script Writing and +90 to Frost Resistance because according to IMDB, the dude is from my home state of New Hampshire, and it gets colder than the Storm Peaks up there. OK. I'm done making ultra dorky World of Warcraft references. Some notable work from Rodat includes the Anna Paquin launch pad Fly Away Home, pre-crazy Mel Gibson's The Patriot, and the most exciting on the list is Saving Private Ryan. Exciting because the ultra kinetic look, feel, and action in Private Ryan would fit nicely within the gritty yet fun WoW universe.

Originally it was announced that the film would be based off of the New York Times best-selling book "Arthas: Rise of the Lich King" by Christie Golden, who has been writing novels in the Warcraft universe for nearly 10 years. Scraping that idea, MTV discovered that Raimi wants to start fresh with just the World in front of him so that he and Rodat can craft what he calls a faithful adaptation of the game. With such a vast world of factions and beasts and deep quest chains that to focus on just one aspect, even an aspect as central to the games as Arthas, would waste some of the franchise's potential. And honestly why would they ever do anything to impede the possibility of cultivating this series for endless sequels?

Pairing two voices as strong as Raimi and Rodat is surely a recipe I'd buy for at least 100 gold on the Auction House. Here's hoping that the other 15 million World of Warcraft subscribers feel the same way.

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