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It was quite obvious that the artwork that would follow the image on Saw 3D’s San Diego Comic-Con press event invitation would be the film’s official poster, but I didn’t expect it to arrive this quickly. Just a day after posting the invite art, we bring you the film’s very first one sheet courtesy of Bloody Disgusting. The site conveniently lays out every poster in the franchise’s history each of which highlights a different body part. The tradition continues with the organ most closely connected with the series’ latest addition, the third dimension. Not only did Lionsgate deliver a standard one sheet for the new eyeball poster, but an animated 3D one as well.

Whether you’re into the Saw films or not, there’s no denying that the series has delivered some fantastic artwork from the very beginning. Yes, the imagery is partially pure gimmick, attempting to give the franchise’s very first 3D production a little boost, but at least they’re doing it in a tactful manner. You can look back at the same move made by another franchise, Final Destination, and notice a huge difference. Their multilayered image was definitely aimed at promoting the new technology, but what did that damn skull and smashed glass mean anyway? This poster, on the other hand, is firmly entrenched in the films’ legacy and features an impressive rendering too.

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