It's hard to believe, but the Saw franchise has finally ended its complete domination of Halloween, wrapping up after seven films and untold millions at the box office. James Wan, who directed the first film and got an executive producer credit on all of the ones to follow, is having no trouble moving on, at least. According to a press release (snagged by Deadline) he's signed an eight-picture deal with Icon Entertainment, producing two horror films each year for the studio.

First up will be House of Horror, based on a story by Wan and written by Max La Bella. Javie Guitterez will direct the film, and while they're not giving any plot details, you can kind of guess what to expect. Here's what Wan had to say about the massive deal with Icon and what he plans to bring to the table:

“I wanted to have the creative freedom and the ability to work with really artistic film makers who can help me bring an original and innovative style of genre films to the public. Paradigm paved the way for this and we have chosen to partner with Icon who are a perfect fit for us."

Wan's career outside the Saw franchise has been a little spotty-- 2007's revenge thriller Death Sentence went nowhere--but his new horror effort Insidious won raves as a midnight selection at the Toronto Film Festival last fall, and it will be featured again at SXSW in March. No matter how that turns out, though, Icon has guaranteed that Wan will be scaring you plenty over the next few years.

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