Scarlett Johansson’s name seems to be rumored for just about every upcoming project in Hollywood, but since being the best thing about Iron Man 2, aside from reprising her role as Black Widow in The Avengers, she hadn’t actually committed to anything. She could be doing a risky outer space movie, or a series of literary adaptations, or fighting zombies, but it seems she’s settled on opening a zoo with Matt Damon instead.

Deadline says the in-demand actress is in negotiations to join the cast of We Bought A Zoo. The movie’s a Cameron Crowe directed project, based on a memoir about an American named Benjamin Mee who moves to England and runs a zoo. Matt Damon will likely play Mee though it’s unclear what part Scarlett will play. The book contains a dying wife whom Mee cares for while trying to make time to feed his elephants. That wholly depressing role may be where Scarlett Johansson is headed.

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