Among the movies that’ll likely get us into the Halloween spirit this year is The Thing, which from the sound of it, is more of a prequel than a full-blown remake of the popular 1982 John Carpenter horror film. Check out a clip from The Thing ahead!

Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., The Thing takes place before the events shown in the original film by the same name, focusing on what happened before Kurt Russell’s character and his crew arrived in the Antarctic. MTV posted the following video along with a photo from the film and an interview with star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Watch it below and brace yourselves for scary!

I expect that'll look even better on the big screen.

Winstead had some interesting things to say in the interview with MTV, including the lack of a female voice in the original, and how that factors in to the prequel. She says her character uses her intellect as opposed to her muscles to handle things in the film. She also talks about the alien, which has the ability to take on the appearance of other life forms.

“I think that it's exciting to wonder who is a Thing and who isn't and that's really where the suspense lies,” Winstead says. “A lot of films in the genre, you kind of know it's not gonna end up well. I don't think anyone is really expecting a happy ending.”

The Thing arrives in theaters on October 14th.

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