Blogs and British newspapers aren’t the only places you can go to see unreliable rumors reported as facts. Even the trades are getting in on the act. About a month ago Variety reported that School of Rock 2 was a certainty and that the cast and crew were a lock to be in it. Now though, Richard Linklater, who directed the first film has come out and called their report a load of crap.

The guys at caught up with Linklater at the Toronto Film Festival where he told them the sequel might not happen. Not only that, but he claims he’s only talked to the studio about it once via phone, and that his involvement isn’t certain. In Variety's defense, Linklater seems to think the studio is to blame. He says they jumped the gun on putting out the news of the sequel, and believes it probably isn’t happening.

I loved the original School of Rock, it’s a flat out great film, and by far the best thing Jack Black, and maybe even Linklater has ever done. That said, was anyone really that hot for a sequel? Not most of the folks I’ve talked to. It sounds like Linklater is on our side with this one, and maybe we’ll be spared a second film which will invariably suck and only sully the name of the original, the way all unnecessary sequels must invariably do. Thanks Rich.

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