Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger's term as governor of California is over, he'll probably do a lot of the familiar things former politicians do-- writing a memoir, flying all over the place for speaking engagements, giving advice to current elected officials whether they want it or not. But Schwarzenegger is no average politician, of course-- he's the Governator, with a remarkable legion of fans still apparently anxious to see him back on the screen. Though we heard second-hand through Ivan Reitman a few days ago that Arnold had no plans to return to acting, the former governor gave an interview to a newspaper in his Austrian homeland and suggested otherwise.

The article in is in German, of course, and Google translation does it no favors, but the headline translates as "I'm currently reading three screenplays." He's not giving any particular details on them but describes the plot of one, in which he would play a Nazi officer commanded to kill dozens of children toward the end of World War II. He disobeys the order, putting his life in danger and, as Google translate would have it, "brings new adventure." Man, I wish I hadn't let my high school German skills lapse.

It's no surprise to hear that Schwarzenegger is fielding a lot of scripts-- he's just as famous as he was before he took office, and deserves at least a sliver of credit for the massively successful The Expendables-- but who knows if any of these will actually come to fruition. After all, the guy can make a ton of money off speaking engagements alone, which don't require long shoots or any kind of exercise regimen. I realize that by default the former bodybuilder cannot be as lazy as I am, but still, that would be my option.

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