In between directing Spider-Man movies, Sam Raimi produces movies for other people. His latest producing gig is 30 Days of Night a twist on the vampire genre which has a coven stalking and slaughtering the residents of an outpost in the far north where they must endure thirty days of complete darkness before their first sunrise. The trailer has looked good, and apparently the movie has impressed a few people because even though it isn’t out till October 19th they’re planning a sequel.

Word came down the pipe to use from our same longtime scooper who dropped us this Pirates tidbit earlier tonight. Our source insists they’re already talking about making another one, without waiting to see if audiences will show up to see the first one. There’s no word on who will be involved, or who will be back yet, but keep an eye out for 30 Days of Night. Sony and Sam Raimi have big plans for it.

As always, since our source is anonymous, consider this speculation until there's some sort of official confirmation.

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