Just as I was finishing the following up, I got an email from a reader pointing me to a story from the good guys on DarkHorizons. They posted theirs a few minutes before us, but we got our email before the posted and from the quote DH uses in theirs it seems like we may both have gotten similar messages from the same scooper (and to my mind thus makes the whole thing slightly more suspicious).

It seems Warner Brothers has added a new name into the Justice League movie casting mix. A few minutes ago we received a message from a source claiming to have the inside track on who their looking at for the part of Superman. We already know Brandon Routh won’t be involved, and our source says the guy who may end up being in the blue tights is Rupert Evans.

Our scooper claims to have been a part of some of the JLA casting sessions in London’s Soho. She says of the actors in attendance, “I've heard today that one of them has been cast, or I guess is about to be cast, as Superman. I don't remember his audition, but I was out of the room for a lot of it. Anyway, the guy everyone is talking about is called Rupert Evans.”

Evans is probably best remembered from Hellboy, where he played agent John Myers. Since then the 30-year-old actor hasn’t done much, but he does have that all-American boyscout look you’d presumably want in a Superman... even though he’s not an American. Personally, I think they should cancel the whole thing or make it animated if they aren’t using Brandon Routh and Christian Bale as Superman and Batman, but Warners sees dollar signs and this may be the discount actor they hire as Superman in order to keep production costs down and profit margins high. I’m sure he’ll be super.

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