A few weeks ago we were the first site to break the news here that Tom Hanks had been locked in for the Da Vinci Code prequel movie Angels & Demons. At the time, our source said he’d be paid one of the biggest salaries in the history of Hollywood to do it. Well now we’ve got a number for you.

$35 million. That’s what our source says he’s getting to reprise his role as Dr. Robert Langdon. But not only $35 million, that’s just what they’re paying him to show up on the set. He may also be getting as much as 25% of the ticket sales here in the United States. Hanks could end up making as much as a massive $50 million just to make one movie.

To put that into perspective, most movies don’t even make that much at the box office, let alone have that kind of budget to work with. Disturbia was number one at the box office for the past two weekends, and it’s only made $40 million so far. It cost $20 million to make. If they’re paying Hanks $50 million, how much does that leave them to actually make the movie? Apparently a lot. Word is that Angels & Demons may have a total budget in the $280 million range. With a salary like that to deal with, it's easy to see why they need so much cash.

Our scooper also says they may be shelling out even more cash to get supermodel turned actress Gisele Bundchen to co-star with him. Rumor is that her agents are demanding she be paid based on her modeling price, which could mean they’ll have to pay out something like $13 million to get her in the movie. I get why they’d want to pay Tom Hanks $50 million, but Gisele Bundchen isn’t even an actress. Shouldn’t she be happy with a million or so? I have a hard time believing Sony Pictures would waste that much money on her.

As always with anything we get from an anonymous source, consider the above rumor until there’s some sort of confirmation from Sony or someone else officially involved.

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