We’ve been hearing a lot since May about a fourth Spider-Man flick, but at the same time, we’ve really heard next to nothing. We know there will be a fourth movie, but we don’t know who’s going to be involved. Raimi says he might direct or just be a producer. Maguire is well-known for wanting to exit the franchise, and Kirsten Dunst isn’t far off his heels. But Cinema Blend has gotten an exciting piece of information from a highly reliable source that might shed some light on who will be calling Spidey’s shots.

According to our source, the key word that’s being bandied about is “producer”. Raimi wants control. He had it for Spider-Man 2, which is definitely the best movie in the series and arguably one of the best super hero movies of all time. He didn’t have so much control after Marvel and the studio started flexing muscle with Spider-Man 3, which is why we got disjointed, overcrammed storylines. It’s clear Raimi wants control over the product he puts on the screen. If Raimi can’t have the same kind of control he had over Spidey 2, don’t expect to see Raimi at the helm.

So, if Raimi chooses not to direct and just to produce, like he keeps mentioning to the press, who would take over the director’s chair? Well, that’s where our source gets both interesting and elusive. We are told that Raimi has someone in mind: a friend who has directed for him before; someone who has been involved in these kinds of movies before, but not as a director… yet. However, our mysterious friend (who again, hasn’t steered us wrong yet) won’t drop a name either.

So… who is a good friend of Sam Raimi’s, who has done some direction work for him, who has experience in these kids of movies but not directed yet? The arrow, in our eyes, is pointing at Bruce Campbell. That’s right, Ash, Elvis, Sam Axe himself. While it’s definitely the name most associated with Raimi, it also fits the information we’ve been given. He’s worked on all three Spider-Man movies but hasn’t directed any super hero movies (the closest would be The Man With The Screaming Brain) and he directed for Raimi on both “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Xena: Warrior Princess.”

Now, this source hasn’t steered us wrong yet, but the actual name is one we were led to, not fed, so we’ll call this likely “if” Raimi doesn’t direct it himself. And, of course, this is assuming he can convince Marvel and Sony that he deserves control and the producer credit – which he does. If the two companies mess up and don’t give him that, everything goes out the window and it’s anybody’s game.

UPDATE: We have been told by the same source that it is not Bruce Campbell. So much for that detective work. So we're back to looking for someone who has worked with Raimi, directed for him, but not in this genre. Ted Raimi hasn't done direction. Rob Tapert only directed some television... we'll keep looking.

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