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Martin Scorsese might have just finished wrapping up a historical children’s adventure film, but fans of the more thrilling side to Scorsese’s work won’t have to wait long for a Blu-ray release that is more their style. Universal Studios Home Entertainment will introduce Scorsese’s 1991 remake of Cape Fear onto Blu-ray October 18th.

Unfortunately, if, like me, you already own a DVD copy of the acclaimed 1991 thriller, there’s not a lot going for the Blu-ray release. The cover will be slightly different and hopefully the picture will be cleaned up. However, the DVD copy of Cape Fear already looks pretty great. Plus, there are actually more extras on already-available DVD copies. Although, if you don’t own a copy of Cape Fear, the Blu-ray set does look pretty nice, and there is never any harm in shelling out for better picture, however slight. Special features will include “Making of” and “Behind-the-scenes of the Fourth of July Parade” featurettes, an “On the Set” segment, a photograph montage, matte paintings, and opening credits. For some reason, they’ve cut out deleted scenes, etc., but that could change come October.

What would really make a Blu-ray release of Cape Fear spectacular is including the 1962 Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum original with the Robert De Niro and Jessica Lange version. Universal owns the distribution rights to both films, so while it isn’t currently in the cards, a double disc is not unthinkable. A double set is certainly the Blu-ray I would spring for. Until then, I’ll roll with my DVD.

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