There have been more than a few false starts so far for the first Scream 4 teaser trailer. First came the bootleg that was filmed during the taping of the Scream Awards on Monday, and then what we thought was the official release on Tuesday. It turns out that the studio wasn't too happy with either one being released, but today we have one that's going to stick around.

Yahoo! has posted the first official (and we mean it this time) teaser for Wes Craven's Scream 4. It feels strange writing anything about it, seeing as though this will be the third article dedicated to the same video. It still has the quick shots of all of the characters, the lines about how the rules have changed and Courtney Cox wondering aloud if Ghostface has the guts to kill her. You know, everything you've seen from the past two days.

Check out the new/old trailer below or in HD over at Yahoo!

Belated sequels don't exactly have the best track record and Craven's My Soul To Take was a total dud, but I can't help but feel excited about this one. The first two movies in the series did a great job of deconstructing all of the horrible clichés the horror industry had been built on, and, as a result, it shook everything up. In the years since, everything has become crappy and predictable again. Let’s hope that this outing can not only return Craven to form, but the genre as well.

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