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This trailer for Season of the Witch popped up over at IGN and it is the definition of teaser. Clocking in at only 27 seconds, it tricks you into thinking it's going to be good by flashing to white a lot and showing you a dirty, medievaled out Nic Cage as often as they possibly can. But I won't be fooled.

Here's a tip I think most film makers need to know. A Nic Cage wearing 1500's era rogue armor does NOT sell me on a movie. Don't get me wrong, I think Cage is excellent when he is in his element, but I don't think fighting witches and wearing a silly wig is it. Not to mention that the one line he says in the trailer he delivers with about as much enthusiasm as if he were letting everyone know he just had a colonoscopy.

Despite its genuinely gross (in a good way) looking make up effects and the appearance of the endlessly kick-ass Ron Perlman, Nic Cage and the ultra after effects-looking fire shots have not put me in the mindset that they want me to be in when I see this. I'm officially expecting this to be a repeat of The Wicker Man. So as the teaser proclaims, see you next spring, Season of the Witch. I'll be waiting.

Check out the trailer embedded below, or in higher-res at IGN.

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