In an age when most movie posters are stale variations on the floating-heads formula, it's pretty exceptional for a film to get even one one-sheet that's genuinely artistic. But two? For one film? That's practically a miracle.

You may have already marveled over the elegant and vaguely disturbing first poster for Precious, the Sundance hit that also took Cannes by storm and will doubtlessly thrill critics again this fall. Now HitFix has debuted a second poster for the film, which has the same basic visual idea but a totally different aesthetic. The first poster was pure Saul Bass; the second is like Mark Rothko. It's pretty marvelous, and still maintains that general sense of fear that the first poster captured so well.

Check it out below, and see a larger version at HitFix. Precious opens on November 6, and I couldn't be more excited.

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