Need final proof that Warner Bros. is hoping no one will notice Jonah Hex when it slumps into theaters next Friday? The movie is a week away from release, and only the second full clip from the movie has shown up online. MySpace is hosting the clip, and much fun as it is to see Josh Brolin sneer and then dispatch a bunch of lily-livered suit types in a dusty Western town, the clip looks schlocky at best. Sure it's unfair to judge an entire movie based on one clip, but if the rest of Jonah Hex is as over-acted and, frankly, mean-spirited as this is, it'll be a tough sit for an hour and a half.

Check out the clip below and judge for yourself-- depending on your affinity for badass cowboys, you may enjoy it more than I did. Still, with barely a peep from the marketing department as Jonah Hex prepares to open June 18, this movie may be in and out of theaters before you notice.

Jonah Hex Exclusive Clip

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