Back in February the first poster for Fast Five debuted. Surprisingly filled with a lot of negative space with all of the action happening at the bottom, I thought it was a pretty cool poster, particularly because it was flashy without being stupid and didn't contain any dumb floating heads. The second time around they've kept the negative space idea, but removed what was really interesting.

The Fast & Furious Facebook page has debuted the second domestic one-sheet for the movie and while the first one one was like a still motion poster, this one is really flat. I still find it cool that they're willing to devote so much area to the open sky, yet fast cars and lights are replaced with the cast just standing around aimlessly. Is it cool that Dwayne Johnson will be playing a cop in the movie chasing down Vin Diesel and Paul Walker? Sure, but make him actually do something.

Check out the new Fast Five poster below or click on it to see it full size.

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