Everyone quickly grab their thinking caps, it's time for a pop quiz (don't worry, you won't graded and it's only one question). Ready? Here it is: when was the last time that Kate Hudson made a film that was given overwhelmingly positive reviews? If you answered 2000's Almost Famous then you are right on the money. In the eleven years since, Hudson hasn't made a film that has received a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Does this mean that Something Borrowed is absolutely guaranteed to be terrible? Absolutely not. But the look of the new trailer isn't helping any.

Apple has posted the second look at the rom-com, which appears to be as cookie-cutter as they come. In the movie Ginnifer Goodwin plays a young woman who misses out on her chance to be with the man of her dreams (Colin Egglesfield) and watches him become involved with her best friend (Hudson). But as Egglesfield and Hudson are about to get married Goodwin makes out with him and everything goes nuts.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Apple.

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