Under The Red Hood

Reading Devin Faraci's blurb about the "tattered Robin costume" got me excited for one reason and one reason alone: we just might get a live action re-telling of Under The Red Hood. A quick summary: it turns out that Jason Todd was brought back to life after The Joker murdered him, thanks to Ra's al Ghul and his Lazarus Pit. The only problem is, the Jason Todd that came back was more psychotic, and harder on crime than Bruce Wayne ever trained him to be.

What's exciting about this is not only can the Batman mythos FINALLY incorporate Ra's al Ghul the way he was intended to be, Lazarus Pit and all, but there's also a good chance we can go back to the Joker mythology as well. If we can bring back The Joker, then perhaps we can move towards a live action telling of the Alan Moore classic, The Killing Joke. Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice just might be the shot in the arm the franchise needs in order to start fresh with actually fresh material!

Warner Bros. and DC probably already have a plan in store for Bruce Wayne's further adventures, but it would be awesome if that plan involved presenting more legendary arcs that have never been committed to film before. To tell us the same stories again with a new actor would be a waste of hiring someone of Ben Affleck's stature to play the part. It's one thing to cast an Oscar winner in your superhero movie, but it's another to give them something to do that's worthy of their time. Just ask Robert Redford!

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