Jeremy Piven is going above, beyond, and maybe a little bit out of his freakin mind to promote his new movie The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Monday night he appeared on WWE Monday Night Raw. He was there to host, and walked out into the arena amidst flaming fireworks and the roar of the crowd. And then he, apparently, decided he could beat up John Cena.

I’m no wrestling fan and maybe you aren’t either, but the photos of his encounter are well worth your time either way. Paramount Pictures’ photographers captured him mid-air as he quite literally leaped off the top rope. Take a look:

Special Host Jeremy Piven kicks off WWE Monday Night Raw

Piven challenges former champ John Cena on WWE Monday Night Raw

Jeremy Piven leaps off the top rope in a probably hopeless attempt to beat up John Cena

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