Since Paramount still hasn’t released anything for fans to latch onto, Star Trek pics remain at a premium. Which means we’re forced to turn to shady paparazzi sites like JFX to get our Trek movie fix.

They’ve scored the first ever pics of John Cho as the Enterprise’s legendary helmsman Hikaru Sulu. To be honest, they’re terrible. Poor quality, blurry photos of Sulu wearing what appears to be a space suit and waving a sword around. But it’s not like we have anything else to look at, and if you’re as excited about Star Trek as I am you’re all over this.

While I’m glad to get some sort of confirmation that Sulu’s interest in swordplay is indeed figuring into the movie, I’m sort of disappointed by the sword he’s using. Sulu may have been of Asian descent, but he was into fencing and European history. He fancied himself a Musketeer. That was one of the great things about Gene Roddenberry’s vision, he refused to pigeonhole his actors based on the color of their skin. Sure, Sulu looked to be of Asian descent, but that didn’t mean he had to eat Sushi and do origami.

Unfortunately, it looks like that’s no longer the case in JJ Abrams’ re-imagining of Trek. You can’t make out much in these pics, but what you can pretty clearly see is that Sulu is using some sort of Samurai sword instead of something more, well, Musketeerish. Look at more pics of the Asian guy pretending to be a Samurai at JFX. I bet he does Kung Fu too.

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