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MTV knows they've got something big up their sleeve for Sunday's Video Music Awards, where Jennifer Lawrence will be on hand to present the first ever footage from The Hunger Games. And if you needed even more proof that MTV is treating the movie like the new Twilight, check out the teaser they made to promote the teaser, which includes-- brace yourself-- a single second of footage from the movie. It's Jennifer Lawrence in motion as Katniss! Gird your loins! Or just check out the short clip below.

You may remember they pulled off a similar stunt with the Breaking Dawn teaser that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards, debuting a short teaser that showed the briefest glimpses of Edward and Bella's wedding. This Hunger Games clip is even shorter and ballsier, though they do spend a little time showing off the flaming Mockingjay image from motion poster, which I guess counts as footage. Either way, I can't believe they both got me to watch this video and that I'm actually excited about what it showed me. What can I say, when you're in the tank for The Hunger Games, you're in for the long haul.

We'll be watching the VMAs for the Hunger Games clip and will bring you the full teaser trailer the moment it goes online. The movie itself opens just 7 short months from now, on March 23 next year.

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