Paul Bettany seems determined to piss off the Pope. He’s currently getting buzz for his performance in Creation where he plays the father of evolution and blind believer public enemy number one, Charles Darwin. Later next year you’ll see him in Legion, playing a heroic Angel rebelling against god. And while that makes its way towards a theater near you, he’s out and about, busy filming his next movie, Priest, in which he’ll paint a crucifix on his face and disobey the church to run off vampire hunting.

If I were the almighty, I’d have thrown a few dozen lightning bolts into the general vicinity of Jennifer Connelly’s albino husband by now. Instead Paul is allowed to walk freely among us, presumably drawing strength by destroying the souls of the just and dining on the blood of newborn babies. In fact, here’s proof of his continued existence. Brand new photos from the set of Priest, showing Bettany in full on Priest mode, battered, bloodied, and tattered with religiously offensive symbolism. Check out his crucifix tattoo below and see even more candid shots from the set of Priest over at Just Jared.

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