In Julie Taymor's adaptation of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, the sorcerer Prospera (changed from the masculine Prospero in the play) has landed on a magical island after being cast out of society for witchcraft, and must overcome her sense of vengeance, care for her daughter, and fight off shipwrecked enemies. If the first stills from the film are any indication, it will be wicked cool.

We've gotten our hands on three new images from the film and they range from "awesome" to "what the hell." Helen looks like a total badass protecting her daughter and standing in a ring of fire, while the image of Alfred Molina chasing down Russell Brand is laugh-out-loud stupid (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). We probably should have expected something this cool after the poster dropped last month, but now I can't wait to see what the trailer has in store.

Check out the images below and click to see them full size on our preview page.

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