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After teaser images of the male cast members of Iron Man 2, the geeky boys finally have a look at what they really wanted to see-- Scarlett Johansson in a black catsuit, in costume as Black Widow. Entertainment Weekly will have Black Widow, Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) and Iron Man himself (Robert Downey Jr., of course) on their cover this week, and at PopWatch they debuted the cover as well as an exclusive image of Scarlett on all fours, doing her slinky Russian thing.

It's a larger version of the image you see above, though still not that large-- you'll have to wait before you can make it your desktop. It's worth clicking through, though, for some choice quotes from the cast, including Rourke explaining how director Jon Favreau let him give Whiplash some personality : "He let me have a cockatoo, who I talk to and get drunk with while I’m making my suit." Also Don Cheadle, playing Rhodey this time, admits his lack of Iron Man knowledge: "I always thought Iron Man was a robot."

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