Maybe it’s a way of keeping the new Enterprise partially under wraps, or maybe the Enterprise doesn’t show up until the end of the movie. Whatever the reason, Star Trek’s iconic starship has taken a back seat while a new spacefaring vessel, the USS Kelvin is taking front and center in Star Trek’s current marketing materials. Luckily, it’s a pretty sharp looking little ship.

There’s been no shortage of wallpapers, pictures, and video showing off the Kelvin but now for the first time you can walk right up on the internet and give a closer examination to Starfleet’s newest ship. Intel’s Star Trek promo site here is dedicated almost entirely to the USS Kelvin. They’ve just added a new feature which lets you take a sort of virtual tour around the outside of the ship. Spin it, rotate it, flip it, zoom in on certain areas for a closer look.

Below I’ve dropped a couple of their close-up photos from various parts of the ship. Click over to Intel’s Boldly Go site and select “USS Kelvin” from the nav menu for more.

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