By now we've seen a lot of different kinds of photos from the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises, from the revelatory-- like the first look at Bane's full costume-- to the exciting-- like Bane and Batman's staircase fight-- to the unintentionally hilarious-- like today's video of Catwoman knocking over a camera. But none of the images so far have managed to combine both Batman and a dinosaur. None until now, that is.

Our spy in Pittsburgh snapped the two photos from near the movie's set, in which you see exactly what we promised-- a Tyrannosaurus Rex dressed in a Batman cowl. Before you get too excited about the prehistoric subplot of The Dark Knight Rises, keep in mind that the movie is shooting under the code name Magnus Rex, and the T-Rex appears to be a gag set up by students at the nearby Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Either way, the dino fits right in. Take a look below.

This probably won't be the last set photo we post from The Dark Knight Rises, but it almost definitely will be the silliest. That is, unless some other residents of Pittsburgh are willing to take up the challenge. Can we see a rhino dressed as Catwoman? A statue of a famous local dignitary done up in Joker makeup? The possibilities are endless, Pittsburgians! Make us proud!

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