By featuring a younger version of the character the movie also opens a more relatable side of the hero, one we haven’t necessarily seen before in previous incarnations of the character. So with respect to Baldwin, Ford and Affleck, Pine looked at what he calls the "fundamental pillars" of who Jack Ryan is so that he could create something new and different.

"Just like with Kirk, for instance, I can’t do what came before…I can only do my version of it," Pine said. "There are certain things that are kind of fundamental to Jack… He’s more comfortable in the study; he’s more comfortable with his books; he’s more comfortable putting a puzzle together; he’d rather spend a Sunday at home then go out – he’s a homebody. There’s a comfort in isolation, but there’s an intense confidence in his own abilities to figure stuff out and work through things in his own mind. So it’s balancing that kind of everyman with the thoughtfulness and the ability to be by himself and comfortable in isolation."

And while Ryan may have his smarts, the voice of experience is always needed and that’s where Costner comes into play. In the movie the veteran star – who was actually offered the role of Jack Ryan back in the days of The Hunt For Red October – plays the role of William Harper, a new character to the Tom Clancy universe who acts as both Ryan’s mentor and superior through his early days. But instead of just being the man behind the desk or the guy talking to Ryan through an earpiece, Costner says that his role is an active one, taking on situations where if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

"Some guys are born for management, and some guys can straddle it, they can go back and forth, they’re more comfortable in the field and don’t mind being out there. Some guys were never meant to be out in the field at all," Costner said, arriving on set just to talk with us about his new role. "[Harper is] a person that can straddle, that can go in and sometimes there are places where you just have to get information, you have to know how to do it, and so I think that he’s going to straddle that line."

Want to know more about Jack Ryan?. In just a few months’ time I’ll have my full report about my experience in London watching the making of the film, including extended interviews with the cast and crew as well as more about plot, the hero and his latest mission. In the meantime, head over to our Blend Film Database for images, news and more about the upcoming blockbuster.

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