KRISTY: For me, I root for the Oscars to be wonderful every year because I still remember the vivid daydreaming of making Oscar speeches in front a mirror, cradling a babydoll and thanking the Academy. And I don't think I'm alone on that. I love watching the Oscars for those moments where you see someone exhilarated that their artistic endeavor was admired. It's romantic, and I hate the idea of throwing that aside in favor of getting some new viewers who will only watch to see if MacFarlane does something outrageous.

KATEY: Here's the thing though: those moments exist no matter who is hosting. I have no idea who hosted the year Julia Roberts won Best Actress, but I remember her awesome speech. My memory of Billy Crystal's hosting job this year has basically faded, but Octavia Spencer's acceptance speech remains. The host is, ultimately, not that significant to the Oscars, which I think is why I have a hard time getting angry about MacFarlane. He's not the best choice, but he's far from the worst, and isn't capable of ruining the show either way.

KRISTY: That's a very good point.

KATEY: Yes! I have beaten you down!

KRISTY: I'll say this, I want to be wrong about this pick. I don't want the story to be like those that came out after Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes where all the talk was how he really nailed them. I don't think the Oscars deserved that kind of scorn. They--whatever their issues, which are many--strive to hold up the best in cinema, and I still root for that to be an inspiring experience. Playful and fun sure, but not snarky.

KATEY: And I think MacFarlane, for how much his sense of humor can drift, will ultimately respect that-- even if it just winds up being a bunch of goofy songs where he imitates Frank Sinatra. I can't tell you how surprised I am to be defending this guy I'm not even interested in, but I kind of think he deserves a shot.

KRISTY: And I think they're are performers better deserving of a shot at that spot.

KATEY: Well, we can both hope they bring Hugh Jackman back next year-- how's that for a compromise?

KRISTY: I'd really love that. No joke.

KATEY: Oh me too-- in the meantime maybe we can see him win Best Actor for Les Miserables, sing a song in his acceptance speech, and then we can all pretend he was the host this year too.

Will Seth MacFarlane Be A Good Oscar Host?

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