Let's take a trip in the WABAC Machine, shall we? It's 2004, and although it received high marks from critics and developed a small legion of fans, the Fox Network, in its infinite wisdom decided to take Family Guy off the air, and with it went show creator Seth MacFarlane. That year MacFarlane's addition to the entertainment world was a guest spot on an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise as an engineer and a role as "TV Announcer" on a show called Complete Savages. Now let's hop back in to the machine and go to April 11th, 2010. Not one, not two, but three shows by MacFarlane, including the resurrected Family Guy, all premiere new episodes that make up an hour and a half of Fox's two-hour Animation Domination block. Oh, and he's the highest paid writer-producer on television after signing a $100 million contract back in 2008. Guess what? Now he's making a movie.

MacFarlane has inked a deal with Universal to make Ted, a live action film, according to Deadline. The project is described as "a 'Hard R' comedy about a man and his teddy bear... [that] feature will mix live action and CG." The script was written by MacFarlane and Family Guy writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, and MacFarlane will provide the voice of the title character. Production is expected to begin this year.

Can anyone honestly say that they didn't see this coming? The man essentially owns television, so it comes as no surprise that the movie world would be the next step. What is kind of strange is that Fox didn't want to make the movie because it was rated R. There is very little that makes sense there. After all, this is the network that lets MacFarlane sing songs about Prom Night Dumpster Babies and have a baby bloodily abuse a dog for more than two minutes of airtime. It must be because they care about the children.

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