In Bruges got such a great critical reception, and there’s tons of huge fans. I’m curious, was there a degree of pressure on you following that up?

No. I’m really lazy anyway, so after Bruges I just kind of went off and traveled. I wrote a play and we did it in New York and that’s where I got to work with Sam and Christopher the first time. I remember saying to Colin, “It’s going to be 3 years at least before the next one.” I think he believed me, but his people were thinking “But this is a success. Why would you do that?” But it’s going to be the same after this one, too. I’m just going to travel and write and grow up.

It doesn’t feel like four years since the last one. I think it’s more so I won’t get burned out. This was an enjoyable experience to do. I can’t imagine doing them back to back. Because, pretty much, this has been two solid years working on this, at least a year and a half since I started checking out locations here and finalizing the script. It was exactly a year ago, I think, this month that we started shooting. And the editing has been almost every day since then. So it’s not like it’s hard work like a coal miner or a nurse or something, but it’s concerted work, and I don’t like concerted work. I’ve got a script that’s ready to go for the next one. I just know it won’t be for a while, but I’m fine with that.

Will you direct the next one yourself?

Yeah, If I can be bothered [laughs].

Can you see yourself ever directing someone else’s script?

No, no, because it takes so much time I think you’ve only got so many stories to tell, I think you should just stick to your own stuff. I feel confident that I can keep coming up with stories.

At the end of the day, what have you personally taken away from this experience?

I think after Bruges I was really happy with how it went, but I did think it was kind of hard work. After this, it felt more fun. We had an awful lot of fun on Bruges too. But I feel like I love working with actors. Like I said before, I couldn’t have dreamed working with these kinds of actors. And now I know them and they like how it’s turned out, so I know that they’d be happy to come back and do more stuff with me. So that’s the main thing I think I’ve taken from it.

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