Someone over at Warner Bros. needs to shuffle some paperwork and release a proper plot synopsis for Sex and the City 2, because it’s starting to get confusing. Rumors have had it pegged as some sort of gay wedding movie with a splash of cheating. But the trailer has them wandering around in the desert, for some reason. Now there’s this: Sarah Jessica Parker says it’s a caper movie. That’s right, a Sex and the City Ocean’s 11.

Parker dropped this strange plot revelation in an interview with the BBC where she says, “It's been going beautifully and it's fun and exciting and very much an adventure.” What kind of adventure? “…it's been great and it's really a romp, it's really a caper this movie.”

I realize Carrie’s obsessed with material possessions but I think few expected she’d resort to carefully orchestrated robbery just to secure a new pair of shoes. This movie can’t possibly be this weird, can it?

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