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The generally wrong about everything tabloid The Sun has another rumor for you. Since it doesn’t involve a headline grabbing celebrity, maybe for once it’s not something they made up to get attention. They’ve heard from an unnamed source that, even though Sex and the City 2’s release is still months away, Sex and the City 3 is already being made.

They claim that the movies are being shot back to back, in order to outrun the rapid aging of the franchise’s stars. It’s Sex and the City versus Kim Cattrall’s sag, and they’re determined to come out the winners.

No specific details yet on exactly how far along they are on the third movie, or whether this means the second will end in some sort of cliffhanger which leads into the third, but they do say that Sex and the City 3 will be the last outing for Carrie and shoe-obsessing friends. If they do more, it’ll be in the form of a spin-off, perhaps featuring one of Carrie’s gay friends? Gay Sex and the City? That sounds about right.