Despite a somewhat weak opening at the box office and many fans admittedly getting tired of the franchise, Sex and the City will trudge onward. But how? No, we won't slowly be moving into Carrie's menopausal years or be forced to see a withering Kim Cattrall trolling for men now one fourth her age. What we will see. though. are the awkward years that the series' lead spends kicking through the gossip filled halls of high school.

E! dropped the knowledge that New Line, the studio behind 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street (what happened, guys?), has plans to roll author Candace Bushnell's follow up series onto the silver screen. Bushnell is nearing completion of the second novel in "The Carrie Diaries" which means that a new and younger-skewing collection of films is looming on the horizon. Although the author didn't know about any adaptation plans when chatting to MTV, she clearly seemed open to the idea when she let slip that she wouldn't mind seeing Miley Cyrus step into the teenage Lou Vittons.

While I'm not a fan of the series even a little, I can't fault New Line for this strategy. With two movies in the can, they're going after a younger demographic and converting them to Sexaholics early, lining themselves up for future DVD and Blu-ray sales of SATC 1 & 2. It's mildly genius, really. Unfortunately, casual fans of the show will probably not care too much about a young adult version of the series so loved for its overt sexuality, but true and new fans alike will surely give this one a chance.

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