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When Drew Pearce was announced as the screenwriter of Iron Man 3, a lot of people were disappointed. The movie’s being directed by Shane Black, who’s best known as a pretty great screenwriter, especially when it comes to big-budget action. The hope among fans had been that he’d be scripting the movie too, and in the process would really be able to make the whole thing his vision. Don’t worry, he will.

We’ve heard from multiple, completely trustworthy sources that Shane Black is in fact writing Iron Man 3. He’ll co-write the movie with Pearce and word is that his ideas are behind a lot of what’s happening with the script they’re working on. Shane Black will be writing, or co-writing at least, the Iron Man 3 script which he’ll also direct.

As for why Pearce has been brought in to write it with him since Black is a fairly proven screenwriter who shouldn't actually need any help, we’re hearing conflicting reports. Some sources say that Disney may be worried about Shane’s history of R-rated movies and that Pearce has been brought in to make sure he keeps it family-friendly, others say that’s not the case. Would Shane Black have remained involved if they were bringing in another writer to keep him in check? Iron Man 3's a pretty big opportunity and it’s not like the directing gigs have been rolling in since his eye-poppingly awesome directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

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