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Brace yourselves people. I have some shocking news: Actors are idiots. It’s true. Most of them got where they are through a combination of good looks, luck, and a willingness to sleep with the director. Only a scant handful of them really have any brains or talent, and Sharon Stone is most certainly not one of them.

This past weekend she proved her idiocy when she wondered aloud to the press at Cannes whether or not the recent devastating earthquake in China might not have been the result of Karma. Apparently Sharon is a big fan of My Name is Earl, and she takes the whole show a little too seriously.

It was an obviously stupid thing to say, but as the guys in our celeb section point out, worse things have been said in the face of disaster. Remember the crazy shit American fundamentalist preachers said after New Orleans? This hardly rates. It’s just a stupid thing said by a stupid actress, and nobody with any sense probably cares what Sharon Stone has to say about anything.

However, it’s hard to blame the Chinese from being at least a little annoyed. In fact they’re so annoyed that some theaters may start refusing to show her movies. In particular, HR says the owner of one of the country’s biggest urban theater chains has avowed to ban her crap. If you’re Chinese and you’re bummed that you may not be able to see the latest from Sharon Stone… don’t be. Consider yourselves lucky. Sharon Stone hasn’t made a good movie in years, and I wish someone over here in America had done this years ago. Maybe it would have saved me from Basic Instinct 2. Besides, China’s big on banning things. They ban everything, and if they ban this it’ll be the first time they’ve actually banned something for what might be considered a non-evil reason. I’d call this huge progress. Let freedom ring.