With all the talk of J.J. Abrams new, upcoming take on Star Trek via a prequel, everyone seems to have forgotten one key Trek component: Shatner. Abrams has been hinting that his movie will feature a younger version of Kirk and Spock… but even if he casts some younger actor in the part, for anyone with taste there'll always be only one real Captain James T. Kirk.

So where does Shatner fit in? When the rumor that Matt Damon might be cast as Captain Kirk first started floating around, along with it came word that Shatner had given the Bourne star his seal of approval. But does that mean we can't get the real deal Bill in the film? Apparently he's ready and willing if Abrams will have him.

Bill Shatner spoke to the tawdry TV entertainment show "Extra" this weekend, and when asked if he'd be involved he said he's ready to go. William Shatner is up for more Star Trek if Abrams asks him. He wants a part. Of course, the fact that he's sitting there waiting to be asked probably means fairly definitely that the great Shat doesn't figure into Abrams' franchise jump-starting plans. Still, can't he get a cameo? Maybe Shatner as an alien? A Klingon? Come on J.J., Star Trek needs the real Captain Kirk.

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